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SoCalpaca members are dedicated and committed to furthering the understanding of alpacas. Research into medicine, fiber production, husbandry and market share occur throughout the United States and abroad. Listed are just of few of the research projects occurring now or in the near future. Read about them at your leisure, contribute to them if you feel inspired to do so.

Alpaca Research Foundation

Since its inception, ARF has been dedicated to funding medical and scientific research aimed at improving the health and vitality of North American alpacas. Only research that is conducted and evaluated under the peer-review process is funded and 100% of donations to ARF go directly to alpaca research.

Current research projects ARF helps support:

  • Identifying Gross Chromosomal Rearrangements that Result in Infertility in Camelids.

  • Sequencing of BVDV Strains Isolated From Persistently Infected Alpacas.

  • Studying Anemia-Causing Parasite.